Over 20 sessions will be held featuring key figures from startups, municipal governments, and other organizations who will present the forefront of their work on the session topics.

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How Do You Face Your Difficulties?

People often talk about how great it is to start a business, but very few are brutally honest about how hard it is to run one. When you are faced with difficulties, how do you confront and overcome them? Ben Horowitz is the author of the renowned book, The Hard Thing About Hard Things, which describes the highs and lows of his entrepreneurial and management experiences, and co-founder of the venture capital firm, Andreessen Horowitz. He will share his insights with entrepreneurs, managers, and business people from around the world.

*On-line presentation is also projected in HALL B7.



Global Investors and Economic Experts Speak on Startup Investment

What is your view of the global economy post-pandemic? The speakers will include Mr. Murat, Founder of ERA, a leading VC firm in New York; Mr. David, who has a proven track record in the financial industry and within and outside the U.S. government, and is well versed in Abenomics and other Japanese economic strategies; and Ms. Serizawa, a senior advisor to the World Economic Forum with expertise in finance and economic policy. Investment and economic strategy professionals discuss economic change and startup investment.



“City Design” Talk by a New York Times Square Developer

Speech by a representative of the Times Square Alliance, who has wide range of experience in river restoration and park building activities in New York City.

What does a city design professor thinks about city’s economic innovation, regeneration and the artistry that cities bring?



Innovative government initiatives by Jakarta city for urban DX and The reality of human – machine synergy in a smart city, drawing examples from NEOM

Urban DX comes from innovative administrative reforms. Share about new administrative approaches taken by Jakarta City in addition to front line talks about human-machine synergy by a head of emerging technologies of Saudi Arabia’s ultra-large smart city NEOM that attracts global attention.



What’s Next for World Cities?

Charting the future of our cities requires great creativity, collaboration at intense levels, and a willingness to experiment in our urban environments. In this panel, urban futurist and Resonance Consultancy President Chris Fair will lead a discussion with Laura Citron, CEO of international trade, investment and promotion agency, London & Partners, to explore the themes and challenges that are making our cities ripe for a new era of urban innovation.



Fusion Energy to change the world

The fusion energy industry is attracting investors around the world. Commonwealth Fusion Systems from MIT Boston, USA raised $1.8 billion in a year. Kyoto Fusioneering from Kyoto University Japan is engaged in development and provision of core systems for nuclear fusion reactors and promotes a unique business within the industry. Beau Laskey from SVB Capital, responsible for sourcing and executing direct venture capital and private equity investments.

In Japan, fusion energy development is positioned as a growth strategy in Prime Minister Kishida administration’s “”Conference for the Realization of New Capitalism.””

This session talks about the current situation and future prospects of fusion energy industry in response to the growing expectations for decarbonization.



Future of Drones: Imagine and Prepare for 2030

Terradrone, a leading Japanese startup that is developing drones and flying cars around the world; Aerodyne, the first Malaysian startup that is accelerating collaboration with Japanese companies in the same field; and Skye Air, an Indian startup that is developing a drone-specific delivery service. Skye Air, an Indian startup that offers drone-specific delivery services, will take the stage. How far will the evolution of industrial drones go? They will discuss the latest information on infrastructure inspections, logistics to disaster-stricken areas, and various industrial DX.



The forefront of climate change sector startups that create one from zero

Starting in Silicon Valley, the United States is spawning new startups to combat the global climate crisis, from carbon capture to satellite monitoring to nuclear fusion. Mr. Shuo Yang, a partner of Lower Carbon Capital, who is famous as the top investor (VC) in this decarbonization field, and Mr. Tommy Leep, an up-coming investor who launched a VC specializing in the climate field will share about frontline talks.



Next-generation mobility from the human’s point of view- Talk by the pioneer in MaaS

Speech by Mr. Sampo, CEO of Maas Global, who is a pioneer advocate of “MaaS (Mobility as a Service)” that aims to realise optimisation of transportation methods. But optimisation alone is not enough to sell service to the consumer. Future services will have to fulfil the dreams of people and be fun.



Women Leaders in Building Sustainable cities

Role of women in society and their contribution to sustainable organizational and social eco systems in cities are becoming important than ever. Women leaders in startup ecosystem talk about role of women in building organizations and cities where all individuals can flourish while creating a lasting impact on society though open innovation



Innovation created by different personalities – Innovators’ ideas about creating a ground for challenges

If everyone’s individuality is used fully, wouldn’t that be a source of innovation? Ms. Akiko Naka, the founder of Wantedly, who was listed as the youngest female manager in Japanese history, and Mr. Shunsuke Managi, a professor at the Faculty of Engineering, Kyushu University, who is active as a councillor at the United Nations, mainly in the SDGs / ESG fields and Ms. Sachiko Kuno, CEO of Phenixie, who was named one of the 50 Most Successful Women in America announced by Forbes in 2015 and 2020, take the stage. Global leaders from Japan will talk about how to create a jobs that excites the heart, the value of individual actions, and the desires hidden behind various challenges.



Culture×City Theory: Sustainable city development with food, art and entertainment

It is said that the organic fusion of various cultures such as food, art, and entertainment will increase the value of a city, and leads to creating sustainable cities. In this session, we invited three producers representing music, events, and the metaverse fields to discuss how to design sustainable city development, drawing examples from their projects such as “KURKKU FIELDS” and “STAR ISLAND”.



How can we grow the life science ecosystem in Tokyo?

Expectations are growing for startups to promote economic growth and solve social issues. Furthermore, the formation of a startup ecosystem to support the growth of startups is being advocated beyond the boundaries of the public and private sectors.

In the field of life sciences in particular, the formation of an ecosystem is particularly required, as growth can be expected in the global market by making the most of Japan’s scientific and technological capabilities.

In this session, Marc Penzel of Startup Genome and Victor Mulas of Cambridge Innovation Center, who have wide knowledge of startup ecosystems in cities all over the world will introduce case studies of top-level life science startup ecosystems and discuss the challenges and growth requirements for ecosystem formation in Tokyo.



Industrial Innovation and Sustainability -Innovations that Defy Common Sense-

Growing expectations for technological innovation toward decarbonization.

The panelists will include Mr. Eiko Ooka, Advisor to Japanese companies and Climate Tech VC funds investing in decarbonization technologies in the U.S., who has extensive knowledge of sustainability investment. In addition, Mr. Maeda, CEO at “WOTA”, a provider of portable water reclamation plants will speak as notable startups that are taking on the challenge of industrial transformation.

You will witness the challenge of these companies to overturn the current common sense and realize a sustainable society.



Climate Tech Landscape in an Uncertain World

The panel discussion “”Climate Tech Landscape in an Uncertain World”” will likely to be a thought-provoking and informative session.

The panelists will discuss the following key points:

  • The current state of climate tech innovation in different regions around the world
  • The biggest climate tech opportunities that are expected to arise in the 2020s
  • What the world expects from Japan in the climate tech field

This is a great panel discussion that will likely to provide a lot of insights and information on the current state and future potential of climate tech.



“Grow fast to be a unicorn!” The Tokyo Consortium selected startups Demo Day

The Tokyo Consortium is supporting a startup ecosystem and promoting the generation and growth of startups through industry-academia-government collaboration. “Deep Ecosystem,“ is the one of these promotion. It strongly encourages growth to the unicorn level by selecting and intensively supporting startups that are expected to grow rapidly in the future.

The five fast-growing startups selected for “Deep Ecosystem” in FY2022 will have a presentation. They will talk about their efforts to expand not only domestically but also internationally.

Also, we will show the startups in the green tech field selected and supported by The Tokyo Consortium.


Lobby Gallery

The leading edge of how to address social issues in Tokyo through international open-innovation

Tokyo faces a wide range of issues, and the aging population in particular is prominent in Japan ahead of the rest of the world. With the increase in the number of people requiring nursing care, it is important to look at such issues positively and find a way to solve them by gathering the wisdom of Japan and other countries.

With Plug and Play East Asia as moderator, together with Tellus You Care, a foreign company that provides elder care solutions, UTEC, which invests in startups in Japan and overseas, and AWS, which provides support through the ecosystem, will discuss why businesses are being created to solve social issues through open innovation in Tokyo.


Lobby Gallery

Possibilities of smart cities created with startups

Tokyo Metropolitan Government is focusing on smart city-related initiatives, in addition to supporting startups in line with recent digitalization. Among them too, the presence of startups is important and it is expected that the attention to startups will increase in the smart city market in the future. In this session, town developers and startups that are active in the rapidly expanding Tokyo smart city market will talk about the potential for collaboration between the market and startups.


Glass Building G Room 404

The Essence of Innovation in Large Corporations

Workshop by Anis, the founder and CEO of Pegasus Tech Ventures, who has long supported the innovation of large Japanese corporations and global startups. In the first half of the session, Anis will introduce examples of how large corporations can efficiently foster innovation, which he knows from being a Silicon Valley VC. In the second half, an open discussion with Q&A will be held.

Please come directly to the venue.
Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. 



New image of society nurtured by the city – Potential of Tokyo seen by an architect with global perspectives –

Kengo Kuma, a world-famous architect who was selected as one of TIME Magazine’s “100 Most Influential People in the World” in 2021.Kuma’s architectural projects are underway in more than 30 countries. As an architech who creates new values between nature, technology and human beings, how does he sees the city of Tokyo? He will also talk about people’s roles in a changing society, and values that needs to be reevaluated, in his speech.




Closing Session