What is

Introduction of City-Tech.Tokyo


It is an event for creating a sustainable society through open innovation with startups

Climate change, infectious diseases, a changing geopolitical situation. The world is facing a significant turning point.
Right now, we are being called on to use diverse ideas and technologies to create a new and sustainable model city.
How can we create a resilient city that is safe and secure? One that is decarbonized and circular, comfortable and convenient, and rich in culture and entertainment?
Those who know the answer to this question have gathered in Tokyo.

City-Tech for a sustainable future

Creating with startups through open innovation:
from Tokyo to the world


Infrastructure City-Tech

  • Leverage cutting-edge technology to create safe, secure, resilient city infrastructure
  • Ensure accurate and safe transportation methods and improve the convenience of short-distance transport within the city through new forms of mobility
Major relevant sectors
Infrastructure (hardware and software) / mobility
Hazard assessment / infrastructure maintenance / micromobility

Environment City-Tech

  • Create a decarbonized and circular society by rebuilding the systems for energy production and consumption
  • Ensure a stable food supply through developing next-generation food products, reducing food loss, etc.
Major relevant sectors
Environment, energy / food tech
Clean tech / ethical consumption / alternative proteins

Living City-Tech

  • Improve support so that everyone, from children to the elderly, may live a rich and vibrant life
  • Leverage cutting-edge technologies in areas such as the financial sector to bring enhanced convenience to people’s everyday lives
Major relevant sectors
Medical, healthcare / fintech
Age tech / infectious disease control / regional digital currency

Culture City-Tech

  • Combine the traditional culture originally present in the city with cutting-edge technologies to create new entertainment possibilities and help people rediscover the city’s charms
Major relevant sectors
Culture, entertainment
Metaverse / digital art, NFTs / sports


City-Tech.Tokyo provides knowledge sharing and networking opportunities to solve urban issues through various programs.

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