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    City-Tech.Tokyo is expecting over 2,000 attendees, of which 300 investors. To get the best out of the conference, attendees with an investor’s ticket have the opportunity to join the exclusive networking event to create new investor relations and discuss the latest industry updates.

    The event will also include the possibility to join hosted round table discussions covering the latest investment trends, industry updates and best practices.

    The event is hosted in cooperation with CityTech Tokyo by NordicNinja VC, Industrial Growth Platform, Inc. (IGPI), Tokyo Kiraboshi Financial Group, Inc. and Mitsubishi Estate.

    The event will serve some light food and drinks. Dress code casual.

    *Password for the registration found in the email sent by City-Tech.Tokyo to those with the investor

    Web Site
    Date of event 2/26(Sun), 2023, 18:00-20:00 (*already finished)
    Main Event Venue Near Chiyoda City
  • Networking Event: Berlin Goes to Japan

    The networking event “Berlin Goes to Japan” will be held on the evening of the first day of City-Tech Tokyo to connect Berlin with the Japanese and international ecosystems.

    The Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises and The Innovation Network for Advanced Materials (INAM) are hosting this event with CROSSBIE, a Berlin-based accelerator that strives to create a sustainable innovation ecosystem in Europe and Japan.

    The event will feature eco-tech, web3 startups, smart city and food tech ecosystem builders from Berlin. There will also be a panel discussion on co-creation innovation in the EU’s top ecosystems.

    Light refreshments and drinks will be served, and the dress code is casual. We hope to see you there!

    Web Site
    Date of event 2/27(Mon), 2023, 18:00-21:00 (*already finished)
    Main Event Venue SOIL - Shibuya Open Innovation Lab
  • Morning Pitch Asia Summit 2023 VIP Networking

    We are pleased to announce that we will be hosting a registration-only networking event at the first annual Morning Pitch Asia Summit, to be held in conjunction with the City-Tech.Tokyo conference, on February 27th at 6 pm.

    The summit will bring together innovation ecosystem stakeholders from around the world to promote the innovation ecosystem.

    Morning Pitch is a pitching platform hosted by Deloitte that aims to create collaboration between large companies and investors and startups. 2013 saw the launch of this event series in Japan, which has been held over 400 times to date, with over 2,000 More than 2,000 startup pitches, more than 50 IPOs have been launched, and more than 250 business alliances have been formed.

    To participate in networking, please register at the URL below.

    Web Site
    Date of event 2/27(Mon), 2023, 18:00-20:00 (*already finished)
    Main Event Venue Deloitte Tohmatsu Innovation Park (3-3-1 Marunouchi Shin-Tokyo Buiding 8F, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Japan 100-0005)
  • Site Visit Tour

    For foreign visitors to Japan, we will provide site visit tours to showcase Tokyo’s infrastructure facilities and tourist attractions, with the aim of communicating Tokyo’s attractiveness to the world! The tours will cover a wide range of activities, including startup-related facilities, a tea ceremony experience at Hamarikyu, digital art, and more.

    Click here to apply.

    Web Site N/A
    Date of event 2/27(Mon)-3/1(Wed), 2023 (*already finished)
    Main Event Venue Various locations in Tokyo
  • City-Tech.Tokyo Networking Party

    City-Tech.Tokyo is pleased to announce that we will be hosting a networking party hosted by Nihon Keizai Shimbun!

    This party is open to all City-Tech.Tokyo attendees and will provide an opportunity to meet and mingle.

    We will provide simple food and beverages, and hope you will join us for a great time of networking with other City-Tech.We hope to see you there!

    To participate this event, Advance registration is required through the website below.

    Web Site
    Date of event 2/28(Tue), 2023, 19:00-20:30 (*already finished)
    Main Event Venue Cattleya Salon(12F), Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan

    We invite overseas VC’s attending City-Tech.Tokyo , venture capitalists (VC) investing in the life science field in Japan to join us for a friendly chat.We hope you will take advantage of the “VC Night” as an opportunity to meet and mingle. There will be drinks and snacks available. 

    We would be happy if you could come.

    Web Site
    Date of event 2023年2月28日(火)19:00~20:30(※already finished)
    Main Event Venue Nihonbashi Suigian

Related Events

  • LET’S T.E.A.M. UP! @Daimaru-Yu


    Web Site
    Date of event 2/14(Tue), 2023 (*already finished)
    Main Event Venue KITTE Atrium
  • UPGRADE with TOKYO Pitch Event

    This is a pitch event aiming to solve the problems of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government through collaboration between startups and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and a variety of collaborative projects have been born so far.

    Click here to watch on-line:

    Web Site
    Date of event 2/14 (Tue), 2023 (*already finished)
    Main Event Venue On-line
  • TOKYO UPGRADE SQUARE 2nd Anniversary Event

    Since its opening, TOKYO UPGRADE SQUARE has attracted more than several thousand participants. We hope to continue to provide a place where startups and government agencies can gather and grow together, and we will hold an event to commemorate the 2nd anniversary! We will have a talk on “Public-Private Partnerships between Startups and Government” from a startup company that has extensive experience working with METI, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and local governments. Please join us!

    *Participation is limited to startups, government agencies and municipalities.

    Web Site
    Date of event 2/15 (Wed), 2023 (*already finished)
    Main Event Venue TOKYO UPGRADE SQUARE (Shinjuku Sumitomo Building 25F) / Online (Zoom Webinar)
  • APT Women Achievement Report Meeting and Joint Pitch Event

    The Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) has been implementing the APT Women program to support the international expansion of women entrepreneurs. In order to transmit the results of the program and to foster momentum for women entrepreneurs to expand their businesses, the TMG will hold a meeting for reporting the results of the program and a pitching session for participants and others.

    Web Site
    Date of event 【Report of event】2/10 (Fri), 2023 /【Pitch Event】2/17 (Fri), 2023 (*already finished)
    Main Event Venue 【Report of event】Tokyo International Forum / 【Pitch Event】Yurakucho SAAI Wonder Working Community
  • ITC Japan Roadshow (Feat Plug and play Japan Insurtech EXPO)

    ITC, one of the world’s largest Insurtech events and a conference where you can learn about the present and future of Insurtech, is coming to Japan!

    Web Site
    Date of event 2/20 (Mon), 2023 (*already finished)
    Main Event Venue Toranomon Hills Forum

    X-HUB TOKYO aims to support the global activities of startups in Tokyo and to revitalize the Tokyo economy through exchanges with globally active overseas startups. This time, we will hold a pitch event by 31 overseas startups with advanced services and products in the three areas of Mobility, CleanTech, and Life Science & Healthcare.

    Web Site
    Date of event 2/10 (Fri), 2/17 (Fri), 2/24 (Fri), 2023 (*already ended)
    Main Event Venue On-line
  • SCAP (Startup City Acceleration Program) – Global Preparation Course Demo Day

     ”Startup City Acceleration Program Global Preparation Course,” an overseas expansion support program for startups, and has supported the global expansion of 50 selected startups. We have supported the global expansion of 50 startups selected for the program.

    The Demo Day will be held in a hybrid format as a place for the 10 companies selected as finalists in this program to present their achievements. We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to explore innovative technologies and products and services that will open up new markets through pitches in English by a diverse range of startups aiming to expand their business overseas, both offline and online.

    Web Site
    Date of event 2/22(Wed), 2023 (*already ended)
    Main Event Venue Shibuya QWS
  • NEXs Tokyo Special Event “The Startup Scene Emerging in Today’s Japanese Economy”

    “NEXs Tokyo” is a project that aims to create collaborative relationships regardless of region, industry, or sector, and provides comprehensive support for startups that aspire to further growth. This special event will be held for startups, as well as people in charge of new business, open innovation, etc. at local governments and large corporations, who may potentially become members of the startup ecosystem. The event will include a keynote speech on what members of the startup ecosystem should do to promote innovation in the future, and a panel discussion on actual case studies from the project.

    Web Site
    Date of event 2/22 (Wed), 2023 (*already ended)
    Main Event Venue On-line
  • Innovation Garden 2023

    A creative business conference that disseminates a Japanese-style innovation culture to the world. Welcome to the “Garden of Innovation,” where the seeds of world-changing ideas sprout, and where renowned innovators and leading global conferences are invited as guests to discuss them.

    Web Site
    Date of event 2/24 (Fri) – 2/25 (Sat), 2023 (*already ended)
    Main Event Venue Tokyo / Marunouchi area
  • New Low-Speed Automated Mobility Demonstration Experiment

    The OMY Smart City Consortium, comprised of the Otemachi-Marunouchi-Yurakucho District Council, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and Chiyoda City, plans to conduct a “New Low-Speed Automated Mobility Demonstration Experiment” as outlined below. Mobility (iino type-S712) manufactured by Gekidaniino LLC (HP: will drive in the Marunouchi and Yurakucho areas.

    This is the first demonstration of Gekidaniino’s mobility on Marunouchi Nakadori Avenue and is positioned as a trial.

    Due to the length of the demonstration period, this year’s test rides will be limited to those who have made reservations in advance. However, it will be possible for visitors to see the vehicle in action, and we would appreciate your feedback in the form of a questionnaire.

    OMY Smart City: Click here for check

    Web Site
    Date of event 2/24(Fri), 2/27(Mon), 2/28(Tue), 2023, 10:00~11:30 & 13:00~16:30 (*already ended)
    Main Event Venue Marunouchi Naka-dori Avenue (Block: Shin-Tokyo Building - Yurakucho Building)
  • Tokyo Bay eSG Project/Partners Networking Event

    Networking event will be held by Tokyo Bay eSG Partners, which brings together a diverse group of participants from industry, government and academia, and member companies of the Tokyo Marunouchi Innovation Platform (TMIP). Companies and organizations will make pitches on different themes, strengthen networking, and create innovation through new encounters.

    Web Site
    Date of event 2/27 (Mon) - 2/28 (Tue), 2023 (*already ended)
    Main Event Venue Shin-Marunouchi Building
  • Morning Pitch Asia Summit 2023

    We are going to host 1st Morning Pitch Asia Summit along with City-Tech.Tokyo conference. In this summit, we invite stakeholders in innovation ecosystem across globe and aim to facilitate innovation ecosystem.

    Morning Pitch is the pitching platform hosted by Deloitte where we aim to create collaborations between large corporations/investors and startups. The event series was originally launched in Japan in 2013, where it has been organized over 400 times, over 2,000 startups have pitched, and more than 50 IPOs and 250 business alliances have been created.

    Web Site
    Date of event 2/27 (Mon) - 2/28 (Tue), 2023 (*already ended)
    Main Event Venue Deloitte Tohmatsu Innovation Park (3-3-1 Marunouchi Shin-Tokyo Buiding 8F, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Japan 100-0005) / Online: Zoom Webinar
  • Extra Day in Shibuya

    Extra Day in Shibuya / EDS is a city event of the startups, by the startups, for the startups. There will be different expo, pitch session or workshop. Join us in Shibuya, the hub of culture and innovation!

    Web Site
    Date of event 3/1(Wed), 2023 (*already ended)
  • Extra Night on the Roof

    The last event of “Extra Day in Shibuya” to be held on March 1st 2023 as a side event of City-Tech Tokyo. For this invitation-only party we are calling on investors and startup support organizations from around the world who are visiting Japan to join us for a networking opportunity with people from the Japanese ecosystem. We hope you will enjoy your evening in Shibuya at the rooftop club overlooking the Scramble Crossing as the last stop after attending various events.

    Web Site N/A
    Date of event 3/1(Wed), 2023 (*already ended)
    Main Event Venue CE LA VI TOKYO CLUB LOUNGE in Tokyu Plaza Shibuya
  • Networking Event – Prague: City for the Future

    A delegation from the City of Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, will be visiting Japan to participate in City-Tech Tokyo. In line with the visit of the Prague delegation, we would like to inform you that a networking event – Prague: City for the Future will be held at the Embassy. This will be an opportunity for you to speak directly with the city officers and politicians in charge and we hope that you will attend. For more information, including the programme, please visit the website. We would be delighted to exchange views and experiences of both Japan and the Czech Republic, including Smart City initiatives in both countries.

    *Participation is free of charge and advance booking is required.
    *The event will be held in English.

    Web Site
    Date of event 3/1 (Wed), 2023, 15:00-17:00 (*already ended)
    Main Event Venue Embassy of the Czech Republic in Tokyo, 2-16-14, Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, 150-0012 Tokyo

    [Japan’s Largest] Festival for Startups and Growing Startups/Entrepreneurs! (Call for Speakers [until January 31st])

    ROCKET PITCH NIGHT, Venture Café Tokyo’s signature event that has attracted a total of 400 entrepreneurs and 4,000+ audience members, will be held next spring with 108 entrepreneurs and over 1,000 participants in the spring of 2022, and will be further evolved!

    Past participants have raised over 10 billion in funding, been accepted into global acceleration programs, and co-developed products, all as a result of their pitches (Venture Café Tokyo research based on publicly available information).

    This time, as a related event of City-Tech.Tokyo, we are planning to hold the event at Toranomon Hills Forum with 80 groups and 1,000 people. This is an opportunity to make a 3-minute pitch. We are looking forward to seeing many challengers from Japan and abroad!

    For Open Call for Speakers:

    Web Site
    Date of event 3/2 (Thu), 2023 (*already ended)
    Main Event Venue Toranomon Hills 4F Forum Hall B
  • Plug and Play Japan Summit

    This is a 3-month program to support domestic and international startups to become global-level startups with Plug and Play Japan’s corporate partners, focusing on “themes” such as industries. The Japan Summit – Winter-Spring/2023 Batch is an opportunity to present the results of the three-month accelerator program held at two locations in Tokyo and Kyoto. About 70 selected startups will present their achievements. Don’t miss it!

    Click here for tickets!

    Web Site
    Date of event 3/2(Thu) – 3/3(Fri), 2023 (*already ended)
    Main Event Venue Shibuya Hikarie

    The Tokyo Metropolitan Government holds “SMARTCITY×TOKYO (Smart City Cross Tokyo)” with the aim of increasing interest in smart cities among a wide range of people. The last event was held online in July and was a success with approximately 500 participants.

    This time, in conjunction with “City-Tech.Tokyo,” is the Tokyo’s first global startup event, the event will be held over two days in a hybrid format including face-to-face meetings and networking.

    The main focus will be on discussions by experts, followed by lightning talks by startups, local governments, and companies, as well as presentations on smart city-related projects being implemented by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. We will provide the latest information on smart cities, which have been the focus of much attention in recent years. We look forward to your participation.

    Web Site
    Date of event 3/1(wed)-3/2(Thu), 2023 (*already ended)
    Main Event Venue Conference Square M Plus(Mitsubishi Building 10F 2-5-2 Marunouchi Chiyoda-ku Tokyo)
  • German Startup Night in Yokohama

    Meet with founders from Germany and connect with other entrepreneurs, partners, and investors in the Japanese startup ecosystem.

    Web Site
    Date of event 3/3, 2023, 6:00 pm (*already ended)
    Main Event Venue NANA Lv, 220-0012 Kanagawa, Yokohama, Nishi Ward, Minatomirai, 2 Chome−2−1, Yokohama Landmark Tower, 7F

    “JAPAN INNOVATION DAY” is an event that expands the genre and scale of the “IoT H/W BIZ DAY” exhibition exchange and business event. It covers a wide range of industries and promotes collaboration among participants in more diverse ways. The event can be used as an opportunity to obtain leads, such as purchases and collaboration with visitors who are interested in cutting-edge technologies, as well as a chance to expand awareness through test marketing, feedback, and media.

    Web Site
    Date of event 3/3 (Fri), 2023 (*already ended)
    Main Event Venue Akasaka Intercity Conference Centre
  • Blockbuster TOKYO Lifescience Startup career fair 2023

    Career Fair for Life Science Startups!

    Blockbuster TOKYO has set “human resources” as a focus point of its activities, and will work on creating opportunities for startups and people who are thinking about changing jobs or finding employment in startups to get to know each other better.

    With the rapid increase and growth of startups in recent years, more and more people are embarking on careers in startups. Similarly, life science startups are seeing an increase in demand for researchers, management personnel, PhD personnel, and back-office personnel who can make an immediate impact, and more and more people are changing jobs and finding employment at startups.
    Hiring talented people who are both competent and fit the company’s needs is extremely important for the growth of a startup. Especially for startups, recruiting is not limited to general recruitment interviews and information sessions, but is also effective in planting the seeds for future talent candidates through networking.

    Please feel free to join us!

    Web Site
    Date of event 3/18 (Sat), 2023, 13:00-18:00 (*already finished)
    Main Event Venue TOKYO MIDTOWN YAESU, Conference hall