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Message from the Governor of Tokyo

Cities are facing many challenges such as the climate crisis, energy crisis, natural disasters, infectious diseases in the chaotic global situation.
Tokyo will overcome the global urban challenges using cutting-edge technology and diverse ideas to create a sustainable society. This is represented in our concept, Sustainable High City Tech Tokyo, or SusHi Tech Tokyo for short, which we will present to the world.
As a first step, we will host City-Tech.Tokyo, a global business event, and G-NETS, an international conference with global leaders from major cities around the world.
At City-Tech.Tokyo, prominent figures from various fields will talk about how, through open innovation, they plan to solve the problems cities are currently facing, and create a bright future. In additon, Tokyo will provide participants with collaborative opportunities through startup exhibits, pitch contests, and business meetings at the venue.
The key to creating a vision of cities for the next generation is open innovation between startups, with their creative ideas and technologies, and entities such as businesses as well as city governments.
We look forward to seeing you in Tokyo in February 2023.

Koike Yuriko, Governor of Tokyo

Sustainable High City Tech Tokyo (SusHi Tech Tokyo)

Global City Network for Sustainability (G-NETS)

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