City-Tech for a sustainable future

Creating with startups through open innovation:
from Tokyo to the world

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February 27-28, 2023

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What is City-Tech.Tokyo

Introduction of City-Tech.Tokyo

City-Tech.Tokyo is one of the world’s largest city tech events with the aim of realizing sustainable cities through open innovation together with startups. Participants from Japan and abroad will present a variety of ideas and technologies for overcoming urban issues and creating new ideal cities, including seminars, exhibitions, and business discussions.





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  • Investor PASS 60,000yen
  • Standard PASS 20,000yen
  • Student PASS 2,000yen

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How will cities change through City-Tech innovation in order to realize a sustainable society?
World-renowned figures will share their outlooks.

Simultaneous Japanese-English
interpretation services available.

*Seating is limited.


Over 20 sessions will be held featuring key figures from startups, municipal governments, and other organizations who will present the forefront of their work on the session topics.

Simultaneous Japanese-English
interpretation services available.

*Seating is limited.

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City-Tech Challenge

City-Tech Challenge will be held to determine the top City-Tech, which will be indispensable for the realization of sustainable cities.
Startups representing City-Tech entered from cities around the world.

Simultaneous Japanese-English
interpretation services available.

*Seating is limited.


You can see products and services of startups related to the themes which City-Tech.Tokyo focuses on.

*Only for participants at the venue.

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Participating companies will be able to meet and exchange business opportunities both on-site and online.
A meeting space will be available at the venue on the day of the event.

Side Events/
Related Events

We are pleased to inform you of Side Events/Related Events that will be held around the dates (Feb. 27 and 28) of City-Tech.Tokyo, the first global event of its kind to be held in Tokyo. Please consider attending the events.

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From Tokyo

Tokyo will overcome the global urban challenges using cutting-edge technology and diverse ideas to create a sustainable society.

Sustainable High City Tech Tokyo (SusHi Tech Tokyo)

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