WaveScan Technologies Pte. Ltd.

WaveScan is a Singapore-based A*STAR spin-off company developing next-gen non-destructive testing (NDT) technology. Our core see-through 3D imaging technology comprises radar-based scanners, which have been test-bedded and validated with multiple MNCs in relevant industries, including Japan. The end applications of this technology are for structural inspections of Built environments – such as commercial and residential buildings, tunnels, bridges, and Oil & Gas assets. Together with our scanner hardware tech, we also have our proprietary software solution for full-scale digitalization of the inspection processes – from data capturing to processing, 3D & 2D analysis, and report generation. Since our inception in 2018, WaveScan has secured multiple government grants and awards (including Japan). The technology is already being commercially used by diverse international MNC clientele after achieving CE certification through extensive regulatory testing and crossing over 1 Mil in Sales Orders for FY2022.