Turing Chain Ltd.

Turing Certs has one mission to build a global digital identity passport. We started in June 2020 trying to link authorities’ credentials to individuals’ true identities by leveraging blockchain technology. Since our initial client, Berkeley Law Executive Education, joined us to issue their first certificates, we grew our institutional client base to more than 150 governments and associations in 9 countries & regions. Prestigious clients that adopt us to issue digitized credentials securely and instantly include WHO, APEC, LINE, and Harvard HCAP. The fast growth aligns with the fact that the educational credential markets in developed countries have reached 19.5 Billion by 2020, without regard to the other market potentials such as credentials for professional skills, healthcare, financial, and national IDs. The blue ocean market of digital identity and e-credentials have left as a massive gold mine that stays underground with few players.

Aside from human-relevant credentials, we quickly tapped into ESG certificate markets in 2022 through our alliances with international credit & audit companies such as D&B Bradstreet. Turing Certs serve as a Digital Stamp that certifies each of the Enterprise Sustainability Report and Greenhouse Gas Report to exempt them from middleman tampering and the privacy layering for confidential content. Bloomberg puts it that ESG assets might be a third of global AUM, $53 trillion, by 2025, Turing Certs’ strategy of collaborating with the right players in the market enables us to serve tens of thousands of clients’ client all at once.