PHION Technologies Corp.

PHION Technologies Corp. is a U.S.-based start-up reimagining “last mile” power distribution for commercial and residential real estate. With the launch of its PHION ONE™ Platform, the company is the first to safely deliver over-the-air multi-watt power up to 10 meters in any direction, coupled with highly secure wireless data communication. The platform will revolutionize device charging by solving the power/distance versus safety problem that has plagued other wireless charging approaches.
The PHION ONE Platform will enable a future where our built environment is flexible, adaptable, and sustainable. It will define a new standard for true mobility with safe, ubiquitous, and continual light-based charging. PHION will empower the smart cities of the future by reducing the dependence on wires and batteries, and overall maintenance costs. PHION has already started demonstrations of its platform and will begin commercial pilots in late 2023.